Next Generation of Yamaha MCR-040

Yamaha mcr-040The Yamaha Stylish multicolor MCR-040 that came out 2009 has finally received a successor. I my self and other acquaintances bought it during 2010-2011 when the price had been lowered to a reasonable one. Anyway the sound and usage was really really good with this piece and I have since then waited for  the next generation.


MCR-042 The next generation

mcr-042The next generation was announced today by Yamaha and what they have done is pretty much… nothing. After studying the features and specs I concluded that the speakers and amp units are the same. They where really good on the MCR-040 but you would assume that they could have tweaked it a little bit? The weight has been distributed differently and is now also some what lighter. Further more all features on the MCR-040 can be found on the MCR-042 except that they have changed the remote which is good, the old one was really small and crappy and they have added support for the IPad via the USB port.

No change from the old Apple connector to the new Lightning connector. They should have included a plug in board or at least two connectors that supported both standard. May be another version such as MCR-042b that had the new connector. Anyway the next addition is the IOS application  support. You can add alarms to the unit via an app.

From Yamaha’s site: “Yamaha’s IntelliAlarm wakes you gently with the audio source of your choosing, first filtering out uncomfortable high frequencies, then gradually restoring the full audio spectrum before beeping to ensure you are awake.”
A new display has also been applied that can show the clock. The question is how good it has changed to display track information and such?



To summarize the changes: a new remote , it’s lighter, an IOS app with alarm settings, Ipad Support via USB and a new display.
In my opinion it’s not worth paying 400$ for when I could get an older MCR-040 for 280$, prices according to Yamaha’s page but the MCR-040 you could get a lot cheaper than 280$.

What I had hoped for would be the lightning connector, micro USB to dock Android phones, Airplay and something similar for Android(Bluetooth is available but the sound quality sucks), a display that would show more information over tracks on USB and Mp3 Cd-r(which seems to partly have been implemented), tweaked sound quality ( sound quality settings such as bas/treble and direct through put from sound source)


The Future

I know that the new MCR-142 and TSX-B232 have Bluetooth support so that you could stream music to the device. But as you all know blue tooth is NOT a good way to stream music, especially regarding sound quality and the 10m limit from the receiver(less when walls are counted). Not to mention the 50$ increase in price and DAB support (which is good but does not work everywhere. But perhaps that is justified? Anyway hopefully Yamaha will see this flaw and correct it, but I doubt it.
I hope we can see some good reviews on this unit. I’ll will update this post with them If I can find them.