The life of Boxee Box

Boxee Box

Boxee Box

During the summer/fall of 2012 (Oct 16) D-Link announced that any major future development of the Boxee Box has been ceased Wiki Link.

For those that do not know what a Boxee Box is, it’s a media player with high def(1080p) capability and has been on the market since 2010. So it’s old and the announcement from D-Link was expected. But what they failed to do was to announce a worthy successor. They indeed have another product, the Boxee TV but it’s not targeted to the same audience as the original Boxee Box. It’s more a streaming media TV box.

The current situation

So since the release 2010 the “community” on the Internet have been waiting for a hack that might allow third party modification and installment of new software on the Boxee Box.  This became true this(2012) summer. The Boxee GTVHacker managed to pull this of and find two solutions, one software and one hardware. It’s the software one that has been used to create a NEW Boxee Firmware the Boxee+.

The Future

As of now the latest Boxee+ version is 1.4.1 and hopefully in the future we will see more advanced firmwares for this box. The current major features that I like and that has been a problem in the original firmware are:

  • New Subtitle system. Add other sources than the original one that was really crappy.
  • Fan Art and customized home screen.
  • Network access, telnet and FTP.

Currently I have followed the instructions and they seem to work except that I did not need to re-enable the windows share again after installation.
So hopefully we will see more features along the way and a longer life for the Boxee Box!